Leather lasts for years and it only gets more beautiful with time. You might say that leather products are some of the most sustainable products you can get. With an explicit sense of design and quality, we have created a collection of classic and functional leather products to the modern man and woman. Our leather bags are created with a profound respect to both environment and people, and the timeless design has been made to last for generations to come.

The creator of FuhrHide, Anders Fuhr, has his own bag filled with years of experience from furniture and interior design. When travelling around the world, he was inspired by the many beautiful cities and the many interesting people he met. Now he has chosen to put his distinctive signature on his own bag collection and create the bags he always missed while being on the go – using a long-lasting material that corresponds with a busy everyday life.

All products have been named after cities that made an extra impression. Just like the bags are designed to make an impression. And to leave the least possible imprint on our planet. To us, quality equals sustainability. Leather is exceptionally durable, and we only use the best natural materials in our production. Our buffalo hide is vegetally tanned and treated with wax in order to give it a cool vintage look.

All bags are manufactured by hand without use of chemicals and artificial colours, and no details are left to chance. This also means that no bags are alike. Your FuhrHide bag is unique and designed to last and inspire for many years.

Misson og vision


We create functional designs to the man and woman who appreciate high quality, luxurious materials and a rough look. Those who wants a bag that reflects his/her personal style and values in a relaxed and natural way. At the same time, we want you to know that the product you are buying is made from principles of honesty, durability and naturalness.


We want to be innovative and make our design a necessary part of modern man's everyday life. We want to give you a product that you can trust and that is an indispensable part of your life when you are on the go. Quality equals sustainability, and we want to help people invest more in a few products with a long lifespan.