Leather shoulder bags

Shoulder bags have been a popular bag for a long time and nothing looks better than a well -made shoulder bag in quality leather. A leather shoulder bag can be used for travel, work, school, sports and more. With a leather shoulder bag from Fuhrhide you get a sustainable bag made of high quality buffalo leather. There are different leather types, but even among these, buffalo leather is known to be extremely durable and only get nicer with age. If you buy a shoulder bag from us, you get a bag you can happily use for many years.

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Tampa EnzoTampa Enzo
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Tampa Enzo

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St. CroixSt. Croix
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St. Croix

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St. Croix EnzoSt. Croix Enzo
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St. Croix Enzo

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San AntonioSan Antonio
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San Antonio

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San Antonio EnzoSan Antonio Enzo
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San Antonio Enzo

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Atlanta EnzoAtlanta Enzo
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Atlanta Enzo

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Monaco EnzoMonaco Enzo
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Monaco Enzo

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Santa CruzSanta Cruz
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Santa Cruz

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Sao PaoloSao Paolo
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Sao Paolo

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Shoulder Bag - Jan GrarupShoulder Bag - Jan Grarup
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Shoulder Bag - Jan Grarup

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Different ways to carry a shoulder bag

There are several different ways to carry your shoulder bag. Some of the most common styles are crossbody resting on the hip, crossbody resting at the lower back/back and vertical along the side.

Crossbody resting on the hip

This is one of the most popular ways to carry your shoulder bag. The style is achieved by taking the strap of the shoulder bag over the neck and thus hanging it so that the strap goes across the body while the bag itself rests on the hip. This way of carrying your shoulder bag is for those who don't want to worry about their bag falling off their shoulder. Some describe crossbody bags as a type of their own, but as long as you have a long adjustable strap, you can easily use shoulder bags across the body.

If you would like to carry your shoulder bag in this way, it is important that you have a comfortable shoulder strap. The strap should preferably have a padded piece that can be moved around. This is because the strap rests partially on the neck and can be a nuisance if it does not have padding. In general, be careful not to overfill the bag if you carry it this way. This is because, as previously mentioned, the strap rests partly on the neck, which can become uncomfortable if the bag is too heavy.

All the leather shoulder bags in our range have an adjustable strap and have good padding, which ensures that the strap does not bother the skin. This ensures that all our shoulder bags can be worn crossbody.

Crossbody resting on the lower back

This way of carrying your shoulder bag is especially good when cycling. This is because you don't have to worry about the bag when it rests on your lower back. In addition, the strap does not put the weight on the neck, but instead on the chest, as the bag pulls the weight backwards. If you would like to carry the bag in this way, you may have to adjust the strap so it is slightly shorter. This ensures that the bag rests on the lower back and does not slide down to the hip. This way of carrying your shoulder bag also has the advantage that the bag does not get caught in things, as it sits behind the body rather than on the side.

Vertical along the page

This style is a classic way to carry your shoulder bag. The style is achieved by hanging your bag on your shoulder and letting it hang along the side. Which side you hang the bag on generally depends on whether you are right- or left-handed. This style has the advantage that the weight is focused on your shoulder, which can generally carry a lot. Because of this, the style is good if you have a heavy bag or you just carry around a lot of things. If you would like to carry the bag in this way, you just have to remember that the bag can slip off the shoulder if you are not careful.

The shoulder strap must be good

The shoulder strap is one of the most important things you should look at before buying a shoulder bag. If the strap is made of materials that easily generate or scratch, make sure the padding covers as much as possible to avoid irritated skin. In addition to this, check that the strap is long enough and can be adjusted so that you do not end up with a shoulder strap that is too long or too short.

All the leather shoulder bags in our range have an adjustable shoulder strap, and many of them are removable. In addition to this, all our shoulder straps are made of leather just like the bag, making them extremely durable without making them uncomfortable. Soft padding that can be pushed around on the strap is also part of our shoulder straps, ensuring maximum comfort.

Popular leather shoulder bags from FuhrHide

At FuhrHide we are Sedex certified. This means that all our shoulder bags are produced under humane conditions and without the use of child labour. In addition to this, all bags are made from sustainable leather that has not been in contact with chemicals or artificial colour. We have a wide range of leather shoulder bags in different designs and for different purposes. Below you can see some of the most popular.

The Tampa model - The simple one

Our Tampa model is one of our practical leather shoulder bags that can be used for both school and work. The Tampa model has room for a 15 inch laptop, has a nice timeless design and is available in the colors light brown, dark brown and black. This shoulder bag also has a trolley solution, which means that it can be attached to the handle of your suitcase when you travel. With several internal compartments, lots of space and a nice adjustable leather strap with padding, this model is a good and simple choice of shoulder bag. The Tampa model is also part of our Enzo collection and you can therefore also get it in black leather with red stitching if you feel like it better suits your look.

The Ventura model - The big one

Our Ventura model is one of our large leather shoulder bags. This bag can, among other things, used as a sports bag for wet clothes, as it is lined in a water-repellent material. In addition to being able to act as a sports bag, the Ventura model can also be used for traveling and much more. The bag contains several pockets for various items and is large enough to store most things. If you are looking for a large leather bag to match your look, this bag is a good bet.

The Sao Paolo model - The little one

Our Sao Paolo model is one of our small leather shoulder bags, ideal for storing the most important items . Sao Paolo is for those who just want a small leather bag for their mobile phone, credit card, wallet etc. The shoulder bag is extremely durable and suitable for both men and women. The Sao Paolo shoulder bag is available in brown leather and black leather.

If you are looking for smaller bags in which you can keep your laptop, several of our computer sleeves in leather also come with a shoulder strap.