Camera bags in leather

A camera bag is essential just a bag that has extra compartment for your camera equipment. The bag should preferably be waterproof as most cameras cannot withstand water. Before buying a bag for your camera, you have to decide what type you want. A camera backpack is as the name indicates, a backpack with space for your camera. You can also get shoulder bags of different sizes with room for camera and equipment. At Fuhrhide we have a selection of bags for your camera, all made in durable buffalo leather of the highest quality.

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Travel bag - Jan GrarupTravel bag - Jan Grarup
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Travel bag - Jan Grarup

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Sao Paolo

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Santa Cruz

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What should be room for in a camera bag?

As all photographers know, it's a good idea to have the right equipment in the camera bag during a photograph session. The contents of your bag will of course vary depending on the specific type of photography you make. However, there are still some important things that any photographer should have at hand.

An additional camera discount and memory card is crucial if your primary equipment should run out of power or memory space. Cloths and cleansing can help you keep your lenses free of dirt and stains. Extra camera lenses can also be useful when changing perspective or taking different types of images. Extra flash, racks and reflectors can make your setup more versatile while taking pictures. A camera bag may also have room for a laptop, but this is not necessary for everyone.

Why choose a leather photo bag?

When it comes to leather camera bags, the leather's durability and water -repellent ability are essential. Buffing leather is as water resistant as other materials as long as it is treated properly during the tanning process. When buffalo leather is treated with wax or oils, it becomes very water resistant and can withstand regular exposure to rain or other types of moisture. So when you buy a leather photo bag, you must not only consider the appearance and texture of the material, but also how it will keep moisture out to ensure long -term use.

All the Fuhrhide bags have been waxed and are therefore ideal for keeping water out. In addition to this, buffalo leather is known to be extremely durable. If you buy a leather bag from Fuhrhide you can enjoy it for a very long time.

Popular models

We have several popular bags that can be used to store all your camera equipment.

Lyon model - your ideal camera backpack in leather

Our Lyon model is the perfect camera bag. Lyon has an extra room at the bottom of the outside of the bag that can accommodate all your most important camera equipment. This means that you can easily and quickly grab your camera if there is something you want to photograph. In addition, the room ensures that the camera is separated from other objects so that it is not damaged.

The Lyon model is a camera backpack with space for a 15 inch laptop and the bag is expandable so you can create extra space if necessary.

Travel bag - Jan Grarup

This bag was developed in collaboration with Jan Grarup, which is one of the most recognized Danish photographers. The bag is a large shoulder bag which ensures that you have room for all your photo equipment. The bag has a sublime design that ensures that you can separate all your important things from each other so that they are not mixed together. In addition to this, the model is made of extremely durable buffalo leather that can easily withstand all kinds of wear. The bag is full of extra room for chargers and more, you might. Must use in connection with your photography sessions.

Sao Paolo - a small bag for the essential equipment

Our Sao Paolo model is a small shoulder bag that can easily contain your camera and the most important equipment for it. The bag is ideal for small photography sessions, possibly. When you are out photographing in nature. This is the bag sitting so you can easily and quickly grab your camera if you see something worth photographing.

About the bags from Fuhrhide

All our bags are made of naturally treated buffalo leather. The leather has not been in contact with chemicals or artificial color and is treated with wax to make it water resistant and give it a neat expression. The bags can last for a long time, even without care. In fact, the bags become nicer with use as they develop a fine patina over time.

In addition to sustainability, we at Fuhrhide also go into proper conditions when it comes to the production of bags. We are SEDEX certified, which ensures that the people behind the production work under human conditions.

If you have any questions about our products or similar, you can contact us on the number +45 24 21 24 41. If you would rather write, you can use our contact form on our contact page.