Our Shoppers are equipped with FuhrHide's characteristic checkered fabric inside and are perfect for storing your most necessary everyday things etc.

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Leather shoppers

Why buy a shopper?

Whether you are looking for a bag to take in the supermarket or a stylish bag to carry your most important things, a tote is behind a good option. All of our shoppers have a nice interior design of checkered fabric, as well as a zippered pocket.

Leather is ideal

Leather is a durable and sturdy material that can withstand even the heaviest goods and objects. Whatever you want to use a leather tote to the back, it can stick to it. In addition to the shelf life, a leather shopper gives you a unique expression that is difficult to emulate with other materials.

The shoppers from Fuhrhide are made of high quality sturdy buffalo leather leather that does not hurt from being used. The leather actually just gets an increasingly unique look with age.

What size to choose

Depending on your purpose, you can choose either a small or large shopper bag. Of course, a large bag has room for more and allows you to have both everyday things and shopping goods in. With a large bag you have to take care not to fill it so much that it becomes too heavy to carry around. If, on the other hand, you choose a smaller tote behind then you should be aware that your things are not squeezed. In contrast, a smaller leather tote is behind easier to carry around.

Santa Ana Tote Bag 

The color is important

At Fuhrhide we have only three different colors on our leather shoppers. This is due to the environmentally friendly mindset that ensures that the bags are of organic leather and are thus not affected by harmful chemicals. All our shoppers have a natural expression and come in the colors black, light brown and dark brown.

Shopper bag in brown leather

This color never goes out of fashion. The brown color is an organic earth color that is often associated with reliable and resistant objects. Furthermore, brown is a very stylish and widespread color when it comes to leather bags.

Shopper bag in brown leather

If you would rather go for a more serious look you can choose a tote in the back of black. Black is a color that has become very popular in modern times with other neutral colors such as gray and white. The black leather gives an equally fashionable look as the brown and can be matched with almost anything.

All in all, the color you probably choose on your style. Whether you think a brown or black leather shopper suits you best, you can find the right one in our selection.

Due to the unique way the leather is treated, every tote is very special. Although you can see the colors of our selection, these colors may vary in reality. This is not a bad thing, but guarantees that you get a bag with a very special look that is unique even compared to others with similar products.

Why do you have to buy your leather shopper at Fuhrhide?

SEDEX certified

If you want to own a unique leather tote in the back of high quality, then a fuhrhide leather shopping is perfect for you.

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