Leather backpacks

Backpacks are for good reasons one of the most popular bag types. They are comfortable to wear, they distribute the weight of your belongings evenly and they provide plenty of storage space. When it comes to backpacks, there are several different types you can choose from. Are you looking for a backpack for school or work? Or do you need a more durable solution for hiking or camping? Whatever you are looking for, you can definitely find a leather backpack that matches your needs in our range.

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Types of backpacks

Backpack for school

Leonard backpack.

Backpack to work

Depending on business, you have to have different things in the bag. If you work in an office you will need a leather backpack with a nice design, as it may need to attend meetings and the like. In addition to design, there must be room for computer, charger, drinking can, keys and everything else you usually have in the office. Last but not least, there must be good ventilation at the back, so that you do not sweat too much when you meet at work. If you cycle to work and do not think ventilation is enough, there may be. be room for changing clothes.

If you work outside or just have a physically demanding job, then you have to focus on the bag being made of a durable material. It should be easy to transport around while it still needs space for all belongings.

Venice model, which is both spacious, comfortable, durable and neat in design.

Backpack for travel

Weekend bag  Lyon model  San Miguel Model.

Backpack for everyday life

leather shoppers Berlin Modelthat has room for all your most important belongings. In addition, the Berlin model can be used as both shoulder bag and backpack if you want to change style during the day.

Leather backpacks for any

At Fuhrhide we have a lot of popular models in leather backpacks. Our selection includes both larger and smaller bags, as well as bags with many or few rooms. Compared to color, most of our skin ridge can be available in brown and black leather. No matter what kind of leather backpack you need, you can definitely find the right one among these models.

The San Miguel model

Our San Miguel bag is a large bag that can be expanded as needed. The bag is like all our bags made of durable high quality buffalo leather and can be used for most occasions. The bag has several compartments, but does not have a specific space for a laptop, which makes it more ideal for activities such as hiking and camping.

Lyon model

Our Lyon model is a unique bag that can be used for different activities. Lyon can be used for both work and school, but is especially suitable for travel as it has a room for storing camera equipment. The room is made so you can easily access the camera if you see some photograph worthy of your journey. In addition to camera, there is room for a laptop up to 15 inches and the bag is also expandable so you can create extra space if needed.

Venice model

Our Venice model is a versatile bag that is packed with extra storage room. Just on the outer side there are 4 compartments with zippers, and on the inside there is a large compartment, as well as a pocket facing your back with space for a laptop of up to 15 inches. The bag is a perfect complement to a larger travel bag as it is lightweight and has a timeless expression. It can also easily be used for school, work or something completely third.

Berlin model

Our Berlin model is a simple leather backpack with room for most things. The bag is perfect for daily life as it can act as both shoulder bag and backpack as needed. The bag has room for a 15 inch laptop and has a timeless and simple design that fits everywhere. The bag is expandable so you can create even more space if, for example, you have to shop on the way home and have no room for the whole. In addition to several extra spaces and the expandable function, the bag is also comfortable to wear with leather straps and high quality leather strap.

The Leonard model

Our Leonard model is a simple leather bag that is ideal for both school and work. The bag has good ventilation, plenty of space, room for a 15 inch portable and comfortable leather straps that can be adjusted as needed. Whatever you go to school or work, you can't go wrong with this simple bag in a stylish design. Like several of our bags, unisex, the Leonard model is and can therefore be used as leather backpack for men and women.

Sustainable bags with Fuhrhide

SEDEX certification. Our leather bags become nicer and more unique over the years, and care is only necessary if you think so, as our bags last for many years no matter what.

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