Stylish and practical protection for your computer. When you just need a little more for your laptop.

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Manchester - LimitedManchester - Limited
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Manchester - Limited

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San MarcosSan Marcos
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San Marcos

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Santa MariaSanta Maria
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Santa Maria

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San Sebastian SleeveSan Sebastian Sleeve
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San Sebastian Sleeve

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Computer sleeves in leather

Why buy a laptop sleeve?

A sleeve can extend the life of your laptop as it protects it from wear and tear. A sleeve is both good for bags that already have a compartment for the computer, as well as for bags without these rooms. This is because a sleeve no matter what is an extra layer of protection against damage. If you need to have your laptop on a trip and you want to store the computer in a weekend bag, then you can avoid scratches on the PC by having it in a leather sleeve.

Size is essential

The size of your new sleeve must of course match the size of your computer. Sleeves that are larger than your computer can be used, for example, a leather computer sleeve to a 15 inch laptop well contain a 13 inch laptop. However, if you use too big sleeve for a small computer, you may risk the computer sliding around. Ideally, you need a leather sleeve of the same size as your laptop and if you have a laptop with half inches, then round up to the nearest whole number.

Our selection of Sleeves includes Manchester, San Marcos, Santa Maria and San Sebastian models.

The Manchester Model - space for it all

Manchester Model 

San Marcos model - simple and simple

San Marcos model 

Santa Maria model - extremely practical

The Santa Maria model 

San Sebastian - to the organized

San Sebastian Sleev 

Why buy your new leather sleeve at Fuhrhide?

SEDEX certified. This means that working conditions are humane for those who produce our bags. Our leather products are also of great quality. All our products are made of buffalo leather that has not been exposed to chemicals and artificial color.

Computer bags in leather.