Belt bags in leather

Belt bags, also called Bumbags, are practical in many different situations. Belt bags provide easy access to the most needed items, without the need for a large bag or backpack. They are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping as well as shopping in a crowded market. In addition, belt bags can provide extra security by keeping valuables close to the body. The Belt Bags from Fuhrhide are made of high quality buffalo leather and are both durable and stylish.

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What can a belt bag be used for?

Whether you need a bumbag for a day of sightseeing or a hike in the woods, a belt bag gives easy access to all your important items. Some belt bags have adjustable straps so they can be worn as a bag at the waist or as a crossbody bag. In addition, with the increasing popularity of minimalism, a stylish belt bag in leather can act as an alternative to bulky wallets. This is then belt bags encourage people to bring only what they really need. If you are looking for a practical way to wear your belongings, you may want to consider using a belt bag.

Leather is timeless and practical

Leather is a perfect material for belt bags and bumbags. Leather belt bags give a stylish look that can easily be used for all outfits. A leather bum behind is also incredibly durable, especially when made of buffalo leather. This is the buffalo leather, even among leather types, is known to be extremely durable. Waxed buffalo leather is also water repellent, ensuring that your valuables do not get wet even when the rain whips down.

Especially at Jan Grarup Belt Bag from Fuhrhide

Together with Jan Grarup we at Fuhrhide have developed a leather belt bag, with plenty of extra space. The leather belt bag was used by Jan Grarup, who helped develop the various extra elements that can be worn on the bag.

Jan Grarup Belt Bag Can be purchased individually or with all the optional equipment. This belt bag is only available in brown leather, but can in turn be used by both men and ladies. Even if you choose to buy this leather bumbag without the extra storage bags, it still has room for all your most important belongings. Mobile, purse, keys, glasses, cosmetics, charger, etc. can all be in the bag. The objects can even be divided as the bag has several smaller rooms besides the primary.

If you choose to buy Jan Grarup Belt Bag with extra equipment, then you have free choice compared to what you want to bring on the go. Extra equipment includes 6 Add-on containers in different designs you can use as you like. For example, if you want a thermo cup on your trip, then there is a cylindrical add-on to store it in. So there are unlimited options for how to use this belt bag in leather and its add-ons. In addition to a lot of practical add-ons, this classic belt bag also has a long strap, which means that it can also be used as a crossover bag.

The way the extra leather add-ons is attached to the belt bag is via carbine locks with swivel joints. This ensures that the bag does not irritate and that the different add-ons are naturally hanging on the bag. Furthermore, it allows you to choose which add-ons you want to include on the trip.

The belt bag is just part of the collaboration if you want you can you also look at the rest of Jan Grarup X Fuhrhide collection. The collection involves both a shoulder bag and a practical bag for travel.

Why buy a leather belt bag from Fuhrhide?

At Fuhrhide, we are in quality, sustainability and Quality of Life for our fellow human beings. We are SEDEX certified, which guarantees that the conditions behind the production of our bags are humane and decent. In addition to this, we also go into sustainability. We show this by using natural buffalo leather that has not been treated by chemicals or artificial color. Leather is a natural material that, without much machining, already gives a timeless expression.