Relaxed on the outside – organized on the inside. The Fuhr Hide Business collection contains laptop bags in various designs. Conveniently designed with space for computer, documents, mobile phone and what you need for a busy day. All business bags in the Business collection are provided with pockets, compartments and other convenient features that you can easily keep track of what you need.

All business bags are made of buffalo leather. No chemicals and no artificial color. The skin has only been treated with vegetable color and wax to give a vintage look and make the leather soft and delicate but extremely strong. Thanks to the gentle treatment of the leather, your bag will eventually get the right patina and last for generations. All bags are handmade and therefore unique. With FuhrHide’s business bags and shoulder bags, you have a safe place to store all your documents and your laptop. In all business bags you will find rooms designed to fit laptops, smartphones and other things the modern man and woman has on the go. The more you use them, the more beautiful they become. Are you ready to put your personal touch on your bag?