Rejsetasker i læder til herrer - Håndlavede læder rejsetasker til herrer



旅行者のためのすべてが揃ったトラベルコレクション。ウィークリーバッグ、バックパック......すべては実用的で、スタイリッシュでカジュアルなデザインです。 外出先で重くて面倒なスーツケースが嫌な人のために軽いバッグもあります。ナチュラル加工を施したバッファローレザーを使用し、全コレクションはハンドメイドで製作しています。そのため、一つとして同じものはありません。



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Covid-19 information

All of our designs are stored in the Fuhrhide warehouse –  Aarhus, Denmark

According to the WHO it is completely safe to receive commercial goods. The likelihood of a design being contaminated by an infected person is very low. The FuhrHide package will have been packed, moved, travelled and exposed to different temperatures and conditions = making the risk of contamination even lower. 

In the FuhrHide warehouse we have taken extra health and safety precautions to make sure our small team of staff are always wearing gloves and are not coming into close contact with one another or the stored goods.

Our operations are running normally, meaning we are experiencing no delays in packing and dispatching orders. 

Our couriers worldwide might need an extra day or two, as they like we are taking precautions to ensure all shipment will follow the WHO guidelines.

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