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Travel Bags


Explore the world with FuhrHide. FuhrHide - The travel collection has everything for the modern traveler. Weekly bags, backpacks - you name it…. All in practical, stylish and casual design for those who travel light and do not want heavy and cumbersome suitcases while on the go. The entire collection is made by hand from naturally treated buffalo leather. Therefore, two bags are not the same.

The design is complete and top quality right down to the smallest details. Solid YKK zippers that will hold through all your adventurers. Durable buckles for adjusting straps and handles, so the bag fits perfectly with you and your personal style. Leather bags and travel bags are the faithful companion of the modern man.

The unique and handmade leather bags from Fuhrhide offer a stylish and comfortable way to travel. With well thought out pockets for both big and small things, you also have the opportunity to stay organized on your journey. Along with the practical part, these weekend bags and travel bags also become a statement for the modern man. At Fuhrhide we strive to produce our weekend bags and travel bags in the absolute best quality. The good quality assures you a bag that can be treated with hard hand. If you want to hear more about where and how our weekend bags and travel bags come to the world, write to us in the chat or contact us by e-mail - We are always ready to help.

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