Computer sleeve i læder - Se vores udvalg af håndlavede sleeves

Computer Sleeves


Stylish protection for your computer. When you just need anything other than your laptop or tablet, FuhrHide's portable sleeves are the clever and simple solution. A 100% handmade portable sleeve in naturally treated buffalo leather and a robust high quality zipper gives your laptop the best protection. FuhrHide's portable sleeves are available in two sizes, 13 and 15 inches. All sleeves are designed to fit perfectly with both macbook pro 13 "and 15" and other brands. The durable leather used to produce these portable sleeves gives you something unique that complements your unique and modern masculine style.

All sleeves are designed for each purpose. You will find both sleeves that have inner pockets, which allows for all your business accessories. Other portable sleeves have just one large pocket for your laptop, with a single pocket for any documents you may have on the go. The beauty of each and every one of these unique portable sleeves is that in time they get their very own personal look. The recycled leather already shows a personal past and therefore offers you just to continue shaping the leather to match your personal style. Just choose your personal favorite and get on the go. It will soon get your personal touch. A touch of your personality.

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