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Behind the Fuhr Hide brand you find Anders Fuhr, who with a sure sense of design and quality has created a range of leather items for the modern man. The man that will rather have things rough and trendy than neat, polished and business-like. The man who wants smart and practical bags that signal quality and masculinity. He would rather take his laptop directly in hand than put it in a polished attaché folder.

For a number of years, Anders Fuhr has been involved in the design of furniture and decor – also with a masculine touch. Among others he is the man behind the brand Fuhr Home. Now he has chosen to use his creativity and sense of style in designing the leather goods he has always missed for travel, sports and work.

Anders Fuhr has close relations with India where most of the products are manufactured. Here he finds the materials, and here he finds the partners to trusts. Anders Fuhr purchases directly from the factory, which saves expensive intermediaries. But it also means that he has direct contact and thus controls the process. Everything is made with respect for both the environment and people. Sustainability of course.

The materials that Anders Fuhr chooses to work with is the best nature has. Buffalo hide vegetable tanned and treated with waxes to give a vintage look. No chemicals and no artificial coloring. Therefore, two products are never quite alike. No details are left to chance. Everything is manufactured by hand and only the best materials are used: YKK-branded zippers and polyester threads and linings will make your bag last for future generations. All designed with a touch of masculinity and roughness – the personal signature of Anders Fuhr.


We create useful designs for the man who appreciate high quality, luxurious materials and a cool design. The man who wants a bag that reflects his personal style in a relaxed and natural way. At the same time, we want him to feel confident that the product he buys is made from principles of honesty, naturalness and sustainability.


We want to be innovative and make our design a regular part of the modern man’s everyday life. A product he trusts and sees as an indispensable part of his life – whether he is sporting, traveling, going to work or just moving from A to B. We will work to constantly be at the forefront and produce products that meet his changing needs and desires for bags and leather goods.
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Covid-19 information

All of our designs are stored in the Fuhrhide warehouse –  Aarhus, Denmark

According to the WHO it is completely safe to receive commercial goods. The likelihood of a design being contaminated by an infected person is very low. The FuhrHide package will have been packed, moved, travelled and exposed to different temperatures and conditions = making the risk of contamination even lower. 

In the FuhrHide warehouse we have taken extra health and safety precautions to make sure our small team of staff are always wearing gloves and are not coming into close contact with one another or the stored goods.

Our operations are running normally, meaning we are experiencing no delays in packing and dispatching orders. 

Our couriers worldwide might need an extra day or two, as they like we are taking precautions to ensure all shipment will follow the WHO guidelines.

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